It makes a difference what you think about yourself, your self image.

Each and everyone of us, brings a unique perspective to any situation, problem, or circumstance.  The skills, gifts, knowledge, and experience each of us have, bring valuable  insight to help someone else deal with a problem, or move forward in their journey.

What about you…do you think you can offer someone valuable assistance to help with their situation?  Or do you think your failures, and lack of experience prohibit you from helping someone take steps towards a better life?

You see, our mind set matters.  If we don’t feel that we can help…we probably won’t, and someone will be missing out on our unique experience, that could be just the answer to their problem.

I struggle with this same issue myself.  For some reason I often feel less qualified than others to respond to a post, or offer my advice.  WHY?

I think it’s because I know my failures, I can’t even answer my own questions, why would I think I could answer their’s.  Other people always seem to say the right things, and my advice seems so insignificant.

BUT, the FACT of the matter is, that someone needs my advice, and someone needs your advice too.  What if someone is going through something that you just went through yourself.  Whether you handled your own situation well or not, your input for them could have massive impact, and determine their success in the matter.

Don’t ever minimize your ability to help someone else, because no one has your exact experience, or qualifications, and that may be precisely what that person needs to move forward.

That’s being Intentional about your Legacy.

Randell Mark