Who is walking around in your shoes?  Or maybe you’re wearing someone else’s shoes.  Either way, I’ll bet it’s not a perfect fit.

Have you ever wore a pair of shoes that just didn’t fit that well?  After wearing them for a while, your feet started getting sore, blisters began to appear, your pace began to slow, and you finally had to stop to take them off.

We are pretty good at noticing when a shoe is not the right fit for us, and we make the necessary changes right away.  We may even pass the shoes on to someone who they fit just right, but why don’t  we do that when it comes to our careers?  For some strange reason we’ll struggle for years in a career that doesn’t fit us.

When we are performing work that is not the right fit for us, it’s  a little like wearing shoes that belong to someone else.  We can do it for a while, but before long our pace begins to slow, we start feeling the pain of our “blisters”, we become agitated, frustrated, and begin to long for Fridays, and dread the thought  Mondays.  I know the feeling all to well because I’ve been there, and it’s a miserable place to be.

Working in a job or a career that is not the right fit for you effects every aspect of your life, including your relationships.  It is nearly impossible to give yourself fully as a husband, father, or even a friend, if your work is draining your energies, and passions.  The fact of the matter is, that we owe it to our Creator, our Families, our Community, and Ourselves to discover the work we were created to do, and begin taking  steps towards that work.

Isn’t time we take off the shoes that don’t fit us, and give them back to the rightful owner, and put on the shoes that energize us to perform the work we love.

Lace up vocational shoes that fit you perfectly, the world will thank you for it, what a great way to be Intentional About Your Legacy.

Randell Mark