I chose to use the term CEO because it had a nice ring to it,  but I am really talking to anyone who owns and operates their own business. The entrepreneur battling it out every single day, some of us love what we do, some of us hate what we do, and many of us are not really sure at all. Personally I spent years in this third category, it seemed as though I dreaded going to work almost every day, yet there was something inside that forced me to keep going… Maybe it is just that entrepreneur spirit.

I truly had a “Love Hate Relationship” with my business, I loved the process of helping people and I loved the relationship that was built with almost every single customer, but I hated the work. I would pray every morning for help in having a good attitude, I would remind myself that each customer was important and they deserved our best attention and energy. I would also tell myself that our employees are team members and part of the company family, and we couldn’t make it without them. However most days all it took was one or two situations to arise and my attitude would begin to sour quickly, I began to view customers and employees as problems that needed to be dealt with, rather than viewing each of them as the vital essence of our businesses existence.

Maybe I was the problem!

In the beginning I was anxious to develop a company logo and place it on everything, coffee cups, scratch pads, T-shirts, print ads, and signage everywhere. I was proud to see our company trucks in our parking lot, on the road, and in customers driveways. What’s truly interesting is that even when I found myself hating my business, those things still brought me a sense of pride… And I think that is what kept me going. That and Fear…Sometimes fear freezes us in our misery.

But it was killing me!

I was actually dying trying to live my dream. I always wanted to be a successful business owner and it seemed there was just enough success and fulfillment to keep me going,  but the failures, worries, and stresses were draining the life out of me, to the point where it was actually changing who I was as a person, a husband, a dad, a friend, and a business owner. I got to the point were I really didn’t like myself very much most of the time, yet somehow I knew I was created for more than this, and there was far more important things for me to do than just bear it out day after day after day.

I know there are many entrepreneurs hurting just like I have been,  I want to reach out and help as many of you as I possibly can recapture the vision,  get your life back, and begin intentionally living a life of purpose. Yes, regardless of where you’re at in your business, it is possible to wake up every morning enthusiastic about awaits you each day. You can face each day with passion and excitement when you are serving the world doing what you were created and gifted to do.

Let me give you three quick tips to help get you moving from frustration to freedom I call them CPR for the CEO.

Chill-out…Take some time away from the business and focus on what’s really important. Family, Faith, Friends

Pursue…Pursue your God given gifts, talents, skills, abilities, and your unique personality, allow these to compliment the work you do within your own business…if they don’t line up, hire someone to do those things, you need to work in your strengths.

Re-capture the vision…Think about why you started your business, Was the reason bigger than just money? Does your business still serve your dream?  Have your dreams changed? The answer to these questions will help determine the future for you and your business.

If your business is stealing your life, a little CPR will breath new life into your tired Heart, Mind, Body and Soul, and help you Re-Capture the Vision! and put you on a path of being Intentional about your Legacy in your Life and Business!!!


Randell Mark