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Who Are The Fortunate Few?
Randell Mark Olson | September 22, 2010 | 4:21 am | Authenticity, Calling, Inspiration, Uniqueness | 15 Comments

Country music star Alan Jackson recorded a song entitled, “What I Do”
The song is about the various obstacles he had to overcome, in order to fulfill his vocational calling as a singer, and songwriter.

Near the end of the song, Jackson says, “I’m one of the Fortunate Few, To Do What I Do”. Alan Jackson is no doubt living his best life, in regards to his vocational calling, but what about the rest of us?

Why is it, that so few people ever discover the purpose for their life?

We owe it to Our Creator, Our Family, and Ourselves to Discover, and Live Our Best Life.

I’m still working through that whole process myself, but I’m becoming more Alive everyday, as I discover more about myself, my passions, my abilities, and even dreams I never knew I had. What’s even more exciting, is that when we begin to take action, and pursue our calling, we impact everyone around us, and that’s when we all become closer to “The Fortunate Few”

Randell Mark

Are You Leaving Your Best? Part 2
Randell Mark Olson | August 14, 2010 | 4:38 am | Authenticity, Calling, Integrity, Uniqueness | Comments closed

Well,  I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic of “Living our Best, in order to Leave Our Best”.  I sincerely believe that, in order to “Live Our Best”, we must be engaged in what we are most passionate about.

Have you ever noticed people who are obviously living the life they were created to live?…their every word, and action, just ooze with passion.  They can’t help but share with everyone what their passion is.  These people are truly serving humanity, and will leave a legacy of a life lived best.

If you don’t discover your true calling, and then share it with everyone you meet, then the world will be missing out, and so will you.

Each of us were created for a very significant purpose.  Psalms 139 says..”we were knit together in our mother’s womb”, every stitch was perfectly placed by our creator to accomplish the purpose he has for us.  When we discover what that is, and pursue it with all of our energy, we will be fully alive, and “Living our Best”.  Just think of the impact we can have and the legacy we can leave for generations…we can truly “Leave our Best”

Let’s try it…