I was listening to Kevin Miller on www.freeagentacademy.com a few days ago, and he was discussing a recent interview he had with Zig Ziglar.
They were discussing leaving a legacy that will last  for generations, and the impact one person can have on culture.  Kevin said something that got my attention…he said Zig is leaving his Best”, that really hit me, and got me to wondering, how am I going to leave my best as a legacy to my family, business associates, and the world at large.
I think in order to leave our best, we must strive to live our best.  If all we ever do is talk about what are plans are, and make excuses for why we don’t succeed, or complain about our obstacles, we’ll be sowing seeds of frustration, self doubt, defeat, and failure for generations to come…I don’t want that to be my legacy.
So how do we “Live our Best, in order to Leave our Best”?
I believe it starts by knowing why we’re here in the first place, what is my calling?  I was created and placed on this planet at this time for a very real and personal purpose, and so were you.  If we do not discover our purpose, and then strive to fully engage in it everyday, it is impossible to “Live our Best”

Let’s dig a little deeper into this subject of “Living our Best, in order to Leave our Best” next time…
Thanks for being here.